Welcome and thank you for choosing to begin your spiritual journey with me. I greatly appreciate it, my name is (Ashley Hill) I am a 4th  generation Healer.  I have my degree in The human mind body and soul. I’m Cherokee American Indian, I’ve been helping people all over the United States 🇺🇸 Since I was 10 years old And now I am named One of the worlds largest Chakra Healers. Due to my Outstanding abilities on helping Individuals. I Will help you through your “Pacific Needs” No problem is too big or too small for me to solve. I’m also a Life Coach Meaning I can help put you on the right track with my Spiritual wisdom. Through my unique capabilities. Visit one of my three locations today!

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PERSONAL session

tarot card reading

I am proud to have more than 35 satisfied customer who got insight of their life through tarot card reading. I avoid meaningless description of ones life and get straight to the point. The reason of my customers satisfaction are my accurate advice on all matter of life. To join tarot card session please contact me directly through call or appointment i wll get back to you.

crystal ball reading

If you are looking for an answer and cannot find the right one, just give a try to my crystal ball reading service. Two reasons why you should opt for it: First, it is very affordable second in 99% of the case my customers always get their accurate answer. Problem is love,career or maybe financial worries? Let me help you by reading your fortune through crystal balll.

transcendental meditation

Through transcendental meditation, I have successfully brought calm and alertness in my customers. The meditation has far reaching effect on human social life. The people who choose transcendental meditation are more open, happy, and satisfied in their public life. I will help you to avoid all the distractions and focus on what you really want to acheive.

palm reading

Do you know those lines in your palm tells lot about your personality, your past/present/future, about your fortune and more. I can help you read through those patterns and guide you for future life. Palm reading tells you if something bad or good awaits you in the upcoming future. Nobody can predict your exact future but a professional palmist can read you the signs that hasn’t occured yet.

Astrology service

Do you believe in Astrology? well, you should.Astrology is a pure science based on the calculations of your birth stars and planets. I can read those calculations for you and tell you about your past present and give a glimpse of your future. You can get a lot of your queries solved through astrology. Most of my clients have benefited from this service. you should try out my astrology service and see for yourself. 


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